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ITSM/ITAM/ESM Consulting

for Ivanti Neurons, formerly Ivanti Service Manager (powered by HEAT ITSM)

Best Practices & Latest Solutions, Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Proof of Concept, Configuration, Development, Consulting, Prototypes, 
User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Ivanti Self Service Portal, Integrations, ITIL, Ivanti Service Manager ITSM, Ivanti Asset Manager ITAM

Lead by Senior Architect/Developer/Consultant/Freelancer with 27+ years experience and 100+ Ivanti HEAT ITSM implementations worldwide

What is your approach?


We offer a consultative holistic approach, agile, hands-on, strategic, structures, focused on business requirements, and most importantly, results-driven! 


The following implementation milestones, aka rollout milestones/project structure have been deeply ingrained and proven to be the ultimate success factors.

what makes you an industry Ivanti HEAT Expert?


We have been developing and consulting since 1996, with Business Partners and Solution Providers going back to HEAT for DOS, HEAT for Windows, HEAT IT Service Management and now Ivanti ITSM, ITAM, and Neurons. That's 26+ years with 100+ ITSM implementions of HEAT, Ivanti ITSM, and ITAM Products, streamlining business processes, with a focus on best practices and industry standards.  Along the way we have been fortunate to work with some of the best business partners, clients, and directly with Frontrange and Ivanti. 


What locations do you service?


We provide professional services Ivanti Customers worldwide, in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, ANZ, APAC, US & Canada


What is your affiliation with Ivanti?

We are independent freelance consultants and developers.


What sets you apart from Ivanti Service Providers?

We're independent freelance consultants and don't have the overhead, red tape, and cookie-cutter services of Ivanti Business Partners.   We have a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, no-fluff pro-active & holistic proven approach, going back to 1996.


What is the difference between an Ivanti Developer & Consultant?


Developers are coders and typically focus on software development, coding, and Ivanti HEAT configuration.  Whereas Consultants may be functional, technical, or both, bringing years of industry experience to the table and using their knowledge & experience to advise management in areas such as but not limited to SOPs, standard industry practices, workflows, business processes.


Nowadays most "consultants" are really "developers" with a hefty daily "consulting" rate that far exceeds a developer's typical rate.

Sure, Ivanti HEAT is "configurable" however the Ivanti ITSM tool has come a long way and does tend to require someone with Development AND Consulting experience to consultant with clients to make informed configuration, architectural, business, functional, and technical decisions. 


What is the typical timeframe of an Ivanti Implementation?


Ivanti Implementations vary based on business requirements and platforms (Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, ITAM, Ivanti Service Manager,  Ivanti Asset Manager)   There is no quick silver bullet or cookie-cutter Scope of Work. 

Based on Ivanti HEAT ITSM and ITAM consulting experience, since 1996, worldwide, we have developed Ivanti Implementation Packages that are designed to give you a direction and starting point.


What is the best way to start the process?

We offer a FREE Discovery Session. The purpose of this call is to set the wheels in motion, get to know another, and to establish the who, where, what, when, and why of your Ivanti Project needs.


Attendees should be the project owner/decision maker. Future calls will include other team members as needed.  Goto Meeting link will be sent upon acceptance of the booking.


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