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Self Service Portal

IT Service & Asset Management

Ivanti Service Manager (powered by HEAT ITSM)

The Ivanti (HEAT) Self Service Portal allows both internal and external customers to submit and track requests through a web-based self-service tool, opening up the service desk for 24×7 customer access. Easy integration into the corporate website or employee portal with full mobile support means users will always know where to turn to get the services they need: anytime, anywhere.


Our customers have experienced a 50% drop of service desk calls and emails (shift left methodology), on average, with IT service desk resources freed up, and intangibles like increased customer satisfaction, plus well streamlined Service Request workflows.


Self Service not only replaces online forms, intranet sites with pdf forms, and the underlying administrative burden, or worse yet, paper forms. but better yet, Self Services improves data capture and underlying workflows significantly, improving  Service Delivery timeframes.


Beyond the typical Service Desk implementation of self service, there are advanced implementations for self-service kiosks and online booking & reservation systems.


See the City of Brampton's Testimonial about our self service kiosk and booking & reservation system implementation for their Municipal Services CRM, "Everyone else said it couldn't be done!" - Click Here


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